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Ralph Ralph Thoresby… Slam Slam Poetry…

A wodge of poems from Shake the Dust have now been uploaded to their YouTube.

Here’s the three poems from the Ralph Thoresby team at the Yorkshire regional final including “Media Stifles Beauty”, which I didn’t have footage of to include on this previous post:

Still very proud of the achievement of these young poets and all who graced the stage. Biggups to fellow poet-coach Rheima Robinson, the support from the school, parents, WY Playhouse, Leeds Young Authors, as well as the honest, brave, word-sound-power of da youth.

A write-up of the team’s performance on the National stage at London Southbank is on the school’s website here.

Who are we…?

Extinguishing Flames – “We Fight”, Shake the Dust 7/7 Finals version

As the flame is extinguished and the London 2012 Parade marks the end of the Olympics/ Paralympics, I’m reminded of these resonant words from four young poets addressing the Olympic theme of truce:

As soon as the games end,
false friendship no longer remains…
… will we extinguish the Iraqi, Afghani, Libyan flames…?

Children in the Niger Delta look on at a Shell gas flare. © Elaine Gilligan / Friends of the Earth

Video footage of the Shake the Dust finals has yet to surface so in the meantime here’s the full written version of “We Fight” performed on the 7th July at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank.


by Yorkshire Slam Team 2012 (Chloe, Nathaniel, Stan, Abena)


We fight,
We fight for freedom,
For belief,
To protect our sacred soil

We manufacture your society
Clones not citizens have risen
We call it politics…
others call it terrorism Continue reading

Yorkshire Poetry Slam Champions 2012

Ralph Thoresby Team 2012 at the Shake the Dust Yorkshire Regional final performing earlier versions of their winning poems that they took down to the National finals.

Just Poetry


“Most people I know call it Slam Poetry, Performance Poetry, Spoken Word.
For the sake of, like, the masses and for the sake of the professors…
And for the sake of the people who look at this and want to label it ‘street’ and want to label it something less than Shakespeare…
I just call it Poetry.”
– Saul Williams, featured in the Leeds Young Authors award-winning Brave New Voices documentary, We Are Poets www.wearepoets.co.uk

Catch Saul Williams/ Leeds Young Authors/ & We Are Poets at the National Shake the Dust Weekend Thursday 5th -Saturday 7th July at the Southbank, London.

5/7/12 – We Are Poets + Saul Williams + Kate Tempest
6/7/12 – 100% PROOF with Lemn Sissay
7/7/12 – The National Shake the Dust Slam Final