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Continent Chop Chop doc doc

Here’s the freshly released documentary from Virtual Migrants touring theatrical performance #ContinentChopChop.We laboured, loved and learned long and hard on this project and will be taking the essence of this theatre-film-poetry-music-digital-arts-community-engaging-connecting-politics-intervening stylee mash-up forward in new ways over the coming years. More ripples soon…

[repost from http://virtualmigrants.net/film/continent-chop-chop-documentary/%5D

Continent Chop Chop documentary re-launches critical climate justice creativity by Virtual Migrants

At the end of 2015 Virtual Migrants toured Continent Chop Chop, an innovative theatrical performance which is now the short film – the Continent Chop Chop documentary.  This film exposes the complex process involved in making an authentic artist-activist statement that avoids being didactic, doesn’t pull punches, and steers away from the common trappings of climate change art and performance.

Here it is, please leave comments below or watch it directly on YouTube and leave comments there: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAPKS3IobTk.

Background to the Continent Chop Chop Documentary

‘Continent Chop Chop’ is a touring transmedia production linking narratives of climate change to the broader issues of poverty, race and social justice. Using interwoven narratives portrayed through music, poetry, and projected imagery, it will ask:

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Continent Chop Chop – Virtual Migrants tour

Virtual Migrants collective has been working hard on a touring poetical musical digital mash-up theatrical production that connects austerity, refugees and climate justice. We’ve been in rigorous rehearsals upping our performance game in song, poetry, story-telling and even a lil slice of grime. Guided by the calm soul energy wisdom of Amanda Huxtable the show is now ready for the road.

Blurb about the show and tour dates are below.

A performance project by the Virtual Migrants collective.

Self-Reparations: Art, Activism & Well-being

Here’s a blogpost I wrote for Voices that Shake! (the youth arts & activism project I help to facilitate) following the latest 5-day intensive course we ran at the Stephen Lawrence Centre.

Once again I was shaken by the Shakers…

I feel very honoured to be one of the facilitators on this project as the generosity, trust, desire to learn, share, give and work together for change is genuine and inspiring from all.

This is now the 5th Shake! intensive I’ve been a part of and each time we refine the formula with the feedback received in a collaborative process with the participants.

This latest Shake! had some very welcome additions – especially the ‘Well-being workshop’. Mental health and artist/activist burnout has been a topic that has arisen naturally in discussion on previous Shake!s so incorporating a dedicated space and time for us all to skill-share our experiences and feedback coping strategies was very welcome and proved extremely useful. It was important to build up a sense of trust and create a safe space during the week for these reflections to come forth. This list can serve as a resource we can all reference, add to, and develop in the future.


There can be a lot of ego and foolishness in the arts world so it has been refreshing to work with such a giving team of artists/activists – it is a revitalising learning experience to be Continue reading

Mapping Slamming UK Migrant Justice Weekend

Couple of related events happening this weekend.

First up: Leeds Black Film Club showing Maafa Legacy tonight; then following on from the Virtual Migrants Crude Killings event last week I’ve been invited to take part in another migrant justice themed extravaganza this weekend: Cartographies of Justice at Liverpool Hope University.

This event will also feature a Migrant Story Slam which includes Leeds Young Authors alumni poet/playwright Zodwa Nyoni among other slammers.

Cartographies of justice flyer

Cartographies will also feature a communal “migrant feast” which comes with a caution from bell hooks:

Within commodity culture, ethnicity becomes spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream white culture.


And speaking of LYA and London – if you’re in the big smog on Sunday and haven’t yet seen it – and even if you have seen it – check We Are Poets pon the ICA big screen at a special screening with live performances from LYA film stars Kadish Morris and Rheima ‘Mimz’ Robinson and introduced by BBC Three’s Revoltion Will not Be Televised star, Jolyon Rubinstein.

I’ll have to unfortunately miss this leg of the Slammming Mapping weekend as it’s the final week in the inspiring and deeply informative Pan Afrikan Reparations course – led by Esther Stanford and with course participants ranging from Akala, Zena Edwards and Charles Wainaina (Mau Mau justice freedom fighter). Pow.

If that’s still not enough – head back oop north sharpish from that there Larndarn (preferrably on some as yet not invented eco-speed-transport) and you’ll be able to catch the 9th Annual Lyrikal Art Attack and Yah Get Mi Under 13’s poetry slam.

Pow. Pow. Pow. And rest and breathe…