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Continent Chop Chop – Virtual Migrants tour

Virtual Migrants collective has been working hard on a touring poetical musical digital mash-up theatrical production that connects austerity, refugees and climate justice. We’ve been in rigorous rehearsals upping our performance game in song, poetry, story-telling and even a lil slice of grime. Guided by the calm soul energy wisdom of Amanda Huxtable the show is now ready for the road.

Blurb about the show and tour dates are below.

A performance project by the Virtual Migrants collective.


Bigger than Rihanna Pop…

I’ve been poeting in schools recently. A common corridor conversation has run like this:

Pupil: Cool hair sir!
Me: Thank you, I grew it myself
Pupil: Ooh, you think I could do mine like that sir?
Me: Well, you could do…
Pupil: How long does it take you to get it like that sir?
Me: It did take a few years…
Pupil: Can I touch your hair sir?
Me: No.
Pupil: Are you from Jamaica sir?
Me: No, but my dad’s from Barbados.
Pupil: ?
Me: Barbados? Where Rihanna’s from…
Pupil: Aw, wow, do you know Rihanna sir!?

I don’t know Rihanna.
I do know and have been blessed to link with several other Bajan artists who do not receive Rhi Rhi’s international acclaim however. One of the foremost griots, Adrian Green breaks down why “if you’s an artist that really really keep it real, you set yourself up to fail” in his epic poetic ‘Hard Ears’ which in nine minutes does more to enlighten on the state of contemporary Bajan culture and society than nine years, nine albums, nine lives of catchy polished “jam and wine” ever could:

Props due to Rihanna (and latterly Cover Drive) for putting Barbados on the map for the few culturally-deprived pupils in Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield I encountered – yet there is of course a whole cohobblopot of enriching nutrition Continue reading

We Are Poets at Leeds Town Hall 30/3/12

If you are into poetry, film, live spoken word, positive grassroots community niceness, youth empowerment, positive youth expression & creativity and if you are anywhere near Leeds tomorrow evening then there really is only one place to be >>> We Are Poets + LIVE performance from LYA, Q&A + Benjamin Zephaniah.

Featuring live performances from man like Benjamin Zephaniah + Leeds Young Authors + WAP filmstars Saju Ahmed + Rheima Ibrahiim-Robinson + Zodwa Nyoni + Q&A with the film directors & LYA Artistic Director Khadijah Ibrahiim – – all for a fiver? Bargain!

The making of this film with a minimal budget + maximum dedication, trust, and love is a story in itself and here are videos of a previous Q+A with the Directors of We Are Poets at London BFI:

Some reviews that the film has already received coming next.