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Creativity is the Immune System of the Mind…

Continent Chop Chop director Amanda Huxtable recently invited contributions for her Pearl’s Project with Huddersfield Literature Festival. Inspired by Maya Angelou, Amanda’s call was for people to share their pearls – “something you have kept with you ever since you first read it… a line from a novel, a poem or non fiction. It’s precious, it’s powerful. It leaves nothing unsaid in only a few words. Words powerful, strong and as precious as any pearl could be”.

Here’s mine that I hold dear from good friend, writer, artist and founder of Artists in Mind, John Holt:


Creativity is the immune system of the mind and the source of the mythic.”


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Friday Feelings – an incidental diary by Harry Jivenmukta

Friday Feelings by Harry Jivenmukta (featuring artwork by Janet Devine) is the very first individual collection of poetry to emerge from the Artists in Mind writing collective, The Write Stuff. Here’s the foreword I was asked to write for the book below.

FF book cover photo
Friday Feelings – Foreword

For two hours on occasional Fridays a group of people gather in a converted mill-building on the edge of Huddersfield town centre and create magic. The ritual begins with the setting out of tables in the centre of the room, chairs are assembled round the outside, the kettle is boiled, greetings are exchanged. As the last mug of steaming tea is delivered to the table, the sacred sacrament is passed around – crisp, white, blank sheets – take one, pass them along. Next, the magician’s wands: an assortment of biros – tools to connect thoughts direct from brain through body to fingers and out on to paper.

We create under the motto of AiM’s founder, John Holt: “Creativity is the immune system of the mind and the source of the mythic”. Continue reading

Artists in Mind 10th Birthday/ Write Stuff #3 launch

Congratulations to Artists in Mind (AiM) celebrating their 10th Birthday tomorrow.

This pioneering radical arts charity has been providing creative sancturies for individuals experiencing acute and enduring mental ill health in the Huddersfield community and wider afield for over a decade.

The founder John Holt’s maxim provides AiM’s guiding directive:
Creativity is the immune system of the mind and the source of the mythic“.

Over the past five years I have been fortunate enough to work with John and the inspiring AiM artists on a number of projects (such as the book, art exhibition, and live performance of Re-Membering: A Creative Journey to Wholeness) and a forthcoming book featuring collected writings, film and artworks addressing the stigma of mental health is in development.

Tomorrow also sees the launch of the third anthology from the I aM Poets featuring poetry and prose developed in the Write Stuff creative writing sessions 2011-2012. You can get hold of this limited edition collection by contacting AiM and you can also visit the AiM studios 11am to 5pm Saturday 8th until Sunday 9th September as part of the HOST– Artist Open Studio Trail.

The Write Stuff #3