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Creativity is the Immune System of the Mind…

Continent Chop Chop director Amanda Huxtable recently invited contributions for her Pearl’s Project with Huddersfield Literature Festival. Inspired by Maya Angelou, Amanda’s call was for people to share their pearls – “something you have kept with you ever since you first read it… a line from a novel, a poem or non fiction. It’s precious, it’s powerful. It leaves nothing unsaid in only a few words. Words powerful, strong and as precious as any pearl could be”.

Here’s mine that I hold dear from good friend, writer, artist and founder of Artists in Mind, John Holt:


Creativity is the immune system of the mind and the source of the mythic.”


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A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves

A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves:

Black people are systematically destroyed by the media and the marketers

as well as by police bullets.

Black voices are destroyed by well-meaning White voices

We do know… it’s Christmas
We know what time it is
We have known the time, calculated the time
lived in rhythm with the moon cycle and seasons for millennia

We are best placed to speak on “Black issues”
We are also well placed to speak on issues other than “Black issues”

For as we know
as we have been forced to learn,
forced to abandon our languages, adopt and adapt new ones:
the oppressed will always know more about their oppressor
than the oppressor can ever know about them.

So we do not let Black faces on stage fool us
into believing power structures have fundamentally changed

Black faces in the boardroom
Black faces in the White House
In ‘liberal’ newspapers
Fronting TV shows…
Black faces in uniform.

And if the White Supremacist structure of the White House
the boardroom, the entertainment industry, the news media,
remains intact
how far can Black Words within these platforms make a difference?

Can we use the master’s tools to knock down and build new houses?

Can Black words in well-meaning well-read media platforms


surrounded by ads for corporations that continue to profit from our deaths…?


Jamaica Gleaner Ad-Liberation review

I’m grateful for anyone who takes the time to read or connect with my poetry so it was wonderful to stumble upon a review of my collection in the Jamaica Gleaner.

Much thanks to Glenville Ashby for the careful generous reading and overstanding!

Read the full review here

+ I was also very happy to graduate to being “Bajan-born” 🙂

Some may see an ad

… and talking of talking about books.
I notice WordPress have begun putting this message below posts:

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The above appeared under my post Did I Mention I Have A Book Out?
The Did I Mention I Have A Book Out? post touched on the fact that I have a book out. I may have mentioned that.
If you missed it, the link is here – Did I Mention I Have A Book Out?
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Talking Books

My diary of choice is an A5 day-to-a-page lined hardback with appointments – available from a well-known national newsagents. I’ve been loyal to this diary for a number of years. I enjoy the quotes that feature on every other day. Some of these often have a delightful or jarring resonance. Yesterdays quote is below:

I also like to hear mothers and fathers talk about their children.

Did I Mention I Have A Book Out?

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Ad-Liberation review in Red Pepper magazine

A lovely review of my poetry collection featured in Red Pepper magazine:

“Each page delights with new tastes… humour, angry-yet-calm honesty and also barefaced cheek
At heart, for all its humour, ‘Ad-Liberation’ is deadly serious. This volume sustains and nourishes the hunger we have, and more importantly reveals the hunger we didn’t know we were suffering from. And that leads to action…”

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