Debut poetry collection, published 2013
Available from independent publishers Peepal Tree Press , InPress Books (as well as other less ethical,  non-tax paying alternatives)

Some poetry reaches out and touches you, Sai’s poetry stretches out and grabs you ~ Benjamin Zephaniah

Social commentary at its best… wry, witty and biting… [Ad-liberation] traverses standard poetry and prose ~ The Jamaica Gleaner

Each page delights with new tastes… humour, angry-yet-calm honesty and also barefaced cheek ~ Red Pepper magazine


PLATFORM and African Writers Abroad present a new poetry anthology on climate justice, featuring powerful new work from acclaimed poets, Zena Edwards, Simon Murray (Sai Murai) & Dorothea Smartt. 44 pages + full colour centrefold photography from the C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture season.


There are myths from Scandinavian, Islamic and Native-American origins in which truth is eventually experienced after a “sewing together”, a sharing of parts, a re-constructing to a whole of different views and perspectives.

Re-membering is a project that attempts to make a whole from fragments. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is an appropriate maxim for the Re-membering process. Making whole from fragments, from pieces…

This 104 page full colour book features the words, images, artworks and photos from the Re-membering project – an exploration and sharing of participants true potential and creative visions through visual art, video, music and theatre.

Published by the mental health charity and radical arts organisation, Artists in Mind (AiM). Compiled/edited by lead artist Sai Murray. Conceived, originated, devised by John Holt.


Advertising is art. An art form that consumes the artist; an art form requiring the artist to consume all other art forms.

Marcus is an artist. No-one in adland comes close to his genius. He has been through the fire smelter and is surfing atop the tsunami. It’s just a matter of time until big house, big car, big bucks and babes…

The True Confessions of an Advertising Genius is the first part of Sai Murray’s debut novel Kill Myself Now based on his experiences as an advertising creative.

“A truly original voice… Kill Myself Now is a rollercoaster of sound, images and words stockpiled and stacked against one another like gleaming wares in some department store sale… an Iced for the corporate man.”
Courttia Newland, author of Music For the Off-Key

“Exploratory, original and engaged…”
Robert Newman, author of The Fountain at the Centre of the World


“Who belongs and who does not belong to ‘England’s concrete jungle?’ The work of these writers demonstrates not only do they belong, they also feel a powerful freedom to rewrite the story in a manner which makes sense to them.” Caryl Phillips

Creative Freedom: The FWords anthology, features new work by eight of Yorkshire’s most talented literary and visual artists. The writers and artists were asked to respond to the Parliamentary Act of 1807 to abolish the British Traffic in enslaved Afrikans, focusing on the theme of Freedom.

Addressing a wide range of subjects – from oppression and restitution in 19th-century and contemporary South Africa to wry reflections on the thirst for freedom from a formerly imprisoned poet – this collection is an elegant exploration of the true meaning of liberation and its ironies in modern society.

The writing is beautifully complemented by images of the artworks produced in response to the writing.

“Intelligent, witty, wry and passionate, the contents of ‘FWords’ are a salutary reminder of the need to redefine and remake continually what we mean by ‘freedom’…” Professor Shirley Chew – Editor: Moving Worlds

Tanya Chan-Sam, Khadijah Ibrahiim, Jack Mapanje, Simon Murray, Seni Seneviratne, Rommi Smith, and visual artists Fosuwa Andoh & Seyi Ogunjobi.


This second limited edition anthology features poetry and prose written and developed in the 2009-2010 Write Stuff Creative Writing workshops facilitated by Simon Murray. Including fresh, new, exciting and previously unpublished work from the following I aM poets: Karen Addy, Terry Barnes, Lefty Caligari, Katrina Dalli, Helen Daniel, Janet Devine, Eugena Hays, Stephanie ingham, Arjun Jindal, Harry Jivenmukta, Sandra Lee, Mark Murphy, Amanda rayne, John Mark Tan-Jones & Bunty Watson.

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