2018 Rep The Road – w/ Voices That Shake! @ Black Cultural Activism Map
(co-editor) Creations: Creatures of the Mind – First Story
Continent Chop Chop – Virtual Migrants
(co-editor) The Chapeltown Word Junction Catologue – Chapeltown Arts Festival
(editor) Thorns in the Ideas of Bland Society (DVD design) – Lefty Caligari
(editor) The Write Stuff #4 – AiM
(editor) Seasons – DIVA Next Step
(editor) Friday Feelings – Harry Jivenmukta, artwork by Janet Divine
Ad-liberation – Peepal Tree Press
(editor) The Write Stuff #3 – AiM
(co-editor) No Condition Is Permanent: 19 Poets on Climate Justice and Change – Platform
2010 (editor) The Write Stuff #2 – AiM
2010 (editor) Re-Membering: A Creative Journey to Wholeness – AiM
2009 (editor) The Write Stuff – AiM
2008 Kill Myself Now: The True Confessions of An Advertising Genius – Peepal Tree Press


2018 Coral – Filigree, Peepal Tree Press
2018 Majority Monitoring – The Fire Now, Zed Books
2018 Justified Addiction – Who’s Full, Poet in The City
2018 Any Change? Poetry in A Hostile Environment – Forward Arts Foundation
2017 Seven Scales – Verse Matters Anthology
Five Word Maths Problem – Un/Forced, Rhubarb Anthology
2016 Remembering Oluwale – Valley Press
Red Tops / A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves – Wordlife: an Anthology
2015 Return – Bus to Niger Delta: Road to Justice, Platform
Piss Pals – Closure: Contemporary Black British Short Stories, Inscribe
2014 Climate Change and the Stories we Tell – Tipping Point
Climate Change Conversations. And Questions… – Sable LitMag
To MBE Or Not To MBE – Sable LitMag
Processed Sugar – Tangled Roots
2013 From Advertising to Anarchism – Sable LitMag
Birthing Space – SCARF magazine Issue 3
Nuclear Pow – Junkfood Fight magazine
Oil Smeared-Vision-Not if but when – Culture Beyond Oil, Platform
This Is #Modern_Living_ – Popshot magazine #4
2010 Shitting in the Palace – Licence to Spill, Platform
2010 Love for Labour Lost – Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry, Inscribe
2010 …STOP – No Condition Is Permanent, Platform
2009 Full Circle – C Words: Culture, Carbon, Climate, Capital – Platform
2009 The C Word – gallery artwork, The Arnolfini, Bristol
2009 Saved By Shopping – CIDA (Creative Industries Development Agency)
2009 I Marinated A Monster From Out Of A Supermarket Freezer – The Write Stuff, AiM
2008 Trench Foot – Calabash magazine
2008 A Bad Grain of Rice – Creative Freedom: The FWords Anthology, Peepal Tree Press
2008 Reparations Song – Abeng Soundings: Abolitionist Landmarks of Our Freedom-march, S2007B
2008 Joining the B’n’P Party – SABLE magazine Issue 12, S.A.K.S. Media
2007 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH! – FWords: Creative Freedom, Peepal Tree Press
2007 Admarks Anonymous – This Poem is Sponsored by… Corporate Watch
2006 My One and Only Goal – Toaster for Smoky Laughter, Peepal Tree Press
2006 Mi natty dred don Gimme Art’ritis – Hair, Suitcase Press
2005 My Son Is A Terrorist – Dance The Guns to Silence, Flipped Eye
2005 Porn, Playstation and Kung Fu – YAC YAC Issue 1, Yorkshire Art Circus
2005 The Protestor’s Dilemma – Guardian Unlimited News blog

As Creative Director of Liquorice Fish (Artist/Activist Design & Promotions) Sai has designed/contributed artwork to publications including:

2016 Remembering Oluwale: An Anthology – Valley Press
The Heritage Corner Walk: African Heritage and Diversity in Leeds
Thorns in the Ideas of Bland Society (DVD design) – Lefty Caligari
SCARF magazine issue 4 – NUMBI
SCARF magazine issue 3 – NUMBI
Black British Perspectives (cover design) – SAKS media
Do It Yourself – A Handbook for Changing the World (contributing designer) – Trapeze Collective, (Pluto Press)
2009 Footprints Teaching Aid – Leeds Young Authors/ Sema Grassroots
2008 Abeng Soundings: A Timeline of Anti-Slavery Resistance – S2007B
2008 What’s This Place? – Stories from Radical Social Centres in the UK and Ireland – Autonomus Geographies Project,
2007 Cross Community Dialogue Facilitation Toolkit – Grassroots Rising
2006 Re-Imaging Anti-Slavery – Rendezvous Of Victory
2006 Autonomy in the City? Reflections on the UK Social Centres Movement – P. Chatterton, S. Hodkinson
2006 Retrofitting the Corporate City: 5 Principles for Urban Survival – P. Chatterton
2004 Osmosis magazine (contributing artist) – Blacktronica

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