If Carlsberg did book launches…

I was a bit giddy last night and attempted a rather ill-thought out advertising analogy to express my gratitude to the Numbi family for being included as part of their book launch line-up.

Carlsberg don’t do book launches – they manufacture an insipid alcoholic beverage. If they did do book launches they’d probably be some tired hackneyed macho-wank fantasy for a revisionist colonialist Maangamizi denier (don’t read: David Starkey, Niall Ferguson, Marr…) dressed up in corporate gimmericky and celebrity fare.

My clumsy analogy was meant to infer that Numbi is the opposite of this. Numbi do do book launches and last night was a beautiful warm gathering of friendly family faces I was honoured to be a part of and to share with, to connect with artists, poets, photographers, bibliophiles, activists and to enjoy the words, artwork and thoughts of other writers from the Numbi/Scarf stable blended together with the deep dope beats of DJ Tillah Willah, and the trademark generosity and heart-felt Numbi love on a shoe-string budget. A special brew!

Thanks for having me.


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