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Tribute to Jayne Cortez & a Poem

Feeling this.


So so moved and honoured to be a part of this line-up. Voices like Jayne’s returned my voice to me through their works – the one that permits me to be the Artist and Woman and Human of African descent I am wholly meant to be.
The voice that permits me to raise it from the swampy depths of marginalisation to a valid place in world history. I cannot thank enough Jayne, Sonia Sanchez, bell hooks, Maya

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A poem for Jayne Cortez

I’m diaper-deep in solidarity breast-feeding at the moment so unable to attend the tribute to Jayne Cortez in London tomorrow (check the fittingly impressive line-up below). I was lucky enough to meet, listen to and dialogue with the Firespitter on a few occasions and in 2011 I took part in an Inscribe workshop which Jayne faciliated. One of the tasks she set us was to write about the subject of “freedom” – the poem that she urged me to complete is below:

Necessary Freedoms

In answering a poetic task set by sister Cortez he recounts
his admiration for brother Malcolm and sister Nawaal.

In contemplating the true essence of freedom he asks himself
how free can we truly be? Can we be so true to self that we

forget self? Forget who we are supposed to be, and just be? Free.
Naked when all others are clothed? Sit, while others stand?

Stand, while others sit? Dancing to the beat of our heart. So
fucking free to scream, to shout, without consequence, without

conscience? To cry, and not know, not care, why. Laughing for
the beauty, for the futility of it all. Om…………………………………

He meditates on Malcolm…olm. Om. Omowale el Haaj Malik el
Shabaaz. Yes, being once already dead one can truly live without

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