Peepal Tree the Place to Be…

Shout out to my local independent publishers who celebrated 25 years last year.

It’s a huge honour to be a part of the Peepal Tree fam and their roster of incredible Carribean and diaspora  writers and poets. The largest publisher of such work in the world, and all from a little known but friendly back street office in lil ol Leeds.

I’m currently putting the final (hopefully!) editing touches together for my debut poetry collection and I can certainly echo the biggups of other writers in this video and testify to the support, care, craft of PTP and the editing excellence of Jeremy Poynting.

Peepal Tree Fam

One of Jezza’s impressive edits in fact appears in the previous post where “Tragic Ditty” was cropped from a two-page performance piece down to a crisp concise nine lines. The merits of page vs performance poetry will always be debated but I do agree with the point (Poynt?) that when the reader has more time to sit with a poem you can afford to let them do more work and it necessarily has to be tighter than the more immediate form of performance poetry.

Jeremy will be running a punctuation and editing masterclass in Leeds next Saturday.

My debut collection to be birthed in a couple of months…



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