Mapping Slamming UK Migrant Justice Weekend

Couple of related events happening this weekend.

First up: Leeds Black Film Club showing Maafa Legacy tonight; then following on from the Virtual Migrants Crude Killings event last week I’ve been invited to take part in another migrant justice themed extravaganza this weekend: Cartographies of Justice at Liverpool Hope University.

This event will also feature a Migrant Story Slam which includes Leeds Young Authors alumni poet/playwright Zodwa Nyoni among other slammers.

Cartographies of justice flyer

Cartographies will also feature a communal “migrant feast” which comes with a caution from bell hooks:

Within commodity culture, ethnicity becomes spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream white culture.


And speaking of LYA and London – if you’re in the big smog on Sunday and haven’t yet seen it – and even if you have seen it – check We Are Poets pon the ICA big screen at a special screening with live performances from LYA film stars Kadish Morris and Rheima ‘Mimz’ Robinson and introduced by BBC Three’s Revoltion Will not Be Televised star, Jolyon Rubinstein.

I’ll have to unfortunately miss this leg of the Slammming Mapping weekend as it’s the final week in the inspiring and deeply informative Pan Afrikan Reparations course – led by Esther Stanford and with course participants ranging from Akala, Zena Edwards and Charles Wainaina (Mau Mau justice freedom fighter). Pow.

If that’s still not enough – head back oop north sharpish from that there Larndarn (preferrably on some as yet not invented eco-speed-transport) and you’ll be able to catch the 9th Annual Lyrikal Art Attack and Yah Get Mi Under 13’s poetry slam.

Pow. Pow. Pow. And rest and breathe…


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