We Are Poets – reviews

I’m very very biased so instead of writing my own review here’s what some other people have had to say about the Leeds Young Authors award-winning documentary of their trip to Brave New Voices:

photo (c) Mark Cocksedge - click here for full photoset

BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH“Amazing…the film itself is a poem. Poetry is an art, filmmaking is an art, it’s takes great sensitivity to bring them together – this film shows us how it’s done!”

I-D MAGAZINE –  “Lyrical, important and ultra-cool…a brilliant story and a milestone in breaking down stereotypes”

SHEFFIELD DOC FEST“From its utterly brilliant opening, through to its moving finale, ‘We Are Poets’ is inspirational!  A Poignant, truthful and uplifting film – a cracking documentary!”

LEMN SISSAY“I’m afraid I’ve never been a fan of the poetry slam but this film made me question my judgement… Because of Slam the ever decreasing circle of the poetry reading is now looking outwards  to the masses… This film made me fonder of the new generation and reminded me of what it is to be a poet.”

LEEDS BLACK AWARDS“The film is compelling and ultimately triumphant, but in spite of this I left feeling saddened. What saddens me is the fact that even though this group of young people have achieved so much on the WORLD stage, they are still struggling to attract funding from their locality.”

MICHAEL ROSEN“I love this film. Love the passion, commitment, thought, belief, strength – all of it”

BBC NEWS  “Anyone who thought teenagers were apathetic can think again. More to the point, anyone who thought poetry was boring can come and have a look for themselves.”

ZOFIA WALCZAK“an energetic, passionate and positive film that breaks down stereotypes and negativity surrounding the portrayal of young people in mainstream media… goosebumps of inspiration.”

DOCGEEKS – “For everyone who criticises modern youths for not being  creative or driven, We Are Poets is the film to proof them wrong... The idea that art can be used to oppose political ideas and policies is not new, but to see teenagers use it in a modern form is inspirational and will hopefully influence many others. “

+ more to be added as I see ’em!


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  1. Great thing said about the doc

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