Merry World AIDS Day!

It’s Global AIDS day today.

And there’s a foot of snow outside my window.

How are these two related? Shopping of course! Yes, as well as reminding us that ‘climate change/ climate chaos’ (or better yet ‘climate justice’!) are more appropriate terms than the more easily dismissed and ignored ‘global warming’, this latest record-breaking bout of weather also reminds that Christmas is on it’s way. Christmas and shopping of course being intertwined. Snow, Christmas and shopping – or rather – rampant greed and over-consumption leading to crazy weather patterns  a less promoted notion…

World AIDS day has also been captured by the mega-brands and now, just like Saint Nicholas, it sports a suit fashioned from a distinctly commercial shade of red – what else is there to think about on World AIDS day but buying that (RED) branded product to show how much you care?

Here’s a poem I dedicated to Product (RED) recently published in the non-affiliated Red Anthology, the first collection of Contemporary Black British Poetry for 10 years:

Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry

not affiliated with Product (RED)


dear santa
i would really like an afrikan baby
like brad and anjelina has
and maddonna
but just for weekends
as im still at school
a boy would be best and i like the fat bellys
but no flys please
if you dont have any left
then an i pod would be ok with tv and films on it
and this would be good to buy me becos
if you get a red one which is my favorit color
bono from u2 and gizell who is gore gorg gorjus
will stop afrikan aids
wich is really bad
you could also get me a red motorola mobile with tv and video messages
and other stuff too like an armarni watch converse sneakers and gap clothing
but i wouldnt be allowd the red american express card until im older
i have been good this year
and ive started to eat brocerley
and i bought two wite braselets to make poverty history
merry cristmas
love from simon


2 responses to “Merry World AIDS Day!

  1. Both funny and sad…and sooooooooooooo well observed. Will post on my page… This is my official Christmas poem lol… 🙂 x

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